Audio Visual

From a simple presentation to a large general session, Tech Works can design a customized audio visual solution for your event.  We seamlessly integrate various technologies to provide a cohesive package that will maximize your message impact for your audience.

Some of the services we offer include Audio Systems, Wireless microphones, Audio Recording, Video Projection, Front and Rear Surface Projection Screens, Video Recording, IMAG or Image Magnification (live projection of what is onstage onto video screens), Live streaming, Live Casting, Audio and Video Editing, Podcasting, Stages, Podiums, Curtains, Decor Lighting and Stage Lighting.

Tech Works has some of the best A/V Technicians in the area working with us that will ensure your event is a success!

general Session
A/V movie set up for a film screening

Our A/V services include content management, live streaming and recording, stage and scenic design, video projection and IMAG (Image Magnification), wireless microphones and communication, wireless frequency coordination, sound, and lighting.


Corporate Presentation
A meeting of the climate alliance at Sierra Nevada College. Tech Works provided a Mix-Minus sound system with distributed zone speakers, wireless microphones and webcasting audio so folks could attend the meeting remotely.
Adam Laxalt campaigns for the US Senate in Reno.
Typical "Breakout" room or small meeting
12' screen and tall white drape for a corporate event.
Mid-sized meeting. Tech Works provided the A/V including Audio, video screen and projector, pipe and drape and lighting including Up-Lights.
translation booths
Audio for a meeting in Pahrump, Nevada.
Dr Colin Ross presenting at the West Hills Hospital Symposium at the Whitney Peak Hotel. Tech Works provided the AV and technicians
Department of Energy
A/V for Corporate Awards Luncheon

Other Tech Works Services