Tech Works started as a backline company and we do things a bit different (and we think better) than most other backline companies. When you call us with a list of gear for the band that you hired, Tech Works will contact the act and make sure we have the latest  list to ensure that the right equipment is at the gig. Then we will test all of the gear before the show before loading the truck. While our equipment is well maintained, sometimes electronics or mechanical items can fail so we bring spares and extras for the show just in case.  Our experienced backline technicians will deliver and set up the gear, then help the musicians and crew position and adjust the backline for the performance. After the gig, our techs will pack up and return the equipment to our climate controlled warehouse where all items are inspected before they are put back on the shelves. In addition our backline technicians will help with act changeovers and are available to help solve problems whether our gear or the  personal equipment owned by the performers.

Fender Tube Amps

We stock a wide variety of popular guitar, bass, and keyboard amplifiers from Aguilar, Ampeg, Blackstar, Eden, Fender, Gallien-Krueger, Line 6, Markbass, Marshall, Orange,  Peavey, Roland, SWR and Vox

Backline amps
DW drum set

Our percussion inventory includes DW, Pearl, Yamaha, Gretch and Tama drum sets and Latin Percussion bongos, congas and timbales. We also stock Zildjian cymbals, Remo djembes and various hand percussion items.

Yamaha Maple Custom drum set
Kurzweil Keyboards

Tech Works has a nice selection of Keyboards including ones from Fender, Hammond,  Korg, Kurzweil, Nord, Roland and Yamaha. We carry Apex single column stands and Quick Lock X style stands.

Korg Triton Keyboards

We have the following guitars in our inventory

Godin Acousticaster with Roland synthesizer pickup, Fender Strat, Martin Acoustic Electric, Takamine Acoustic Electric 12 string, Epiphone Acoustic Electric, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Upright Acoustic Bass with pickup

We also carry a lot of backline accessories like Manhasset music stands and lights, guitar stands, bar stools, fans, drum and area rugs, keyboard benches and can also supply backline power distribution at shows.


Houndmouth performs at the Schellraiser festival with Tech Works backline. Tech Works supplied Aguilar and Ampeg bass amps, Fender, Vox and Marshall guitar amps, DW, Pearl and Ludwig drums and Yamaha and Nord keyboards.
Moving Panoramas performs at the Schellraiser festival. Tech Works supplied many of the performers with backline including Aguilar and Ampeg bass amps, Fender, Vox and Marshall guitar amps, DW,  Pearl and Ludwig drums and Yamaha and Nord keyboards.
The Old 97s perform at Schellraiser Music Festival at McGill NV. Tech Works supplied the Sound, Lighting, Staging and Backline for the event.
Backline for Sha Na Na
Lizzie Sider playing a Tech Works Korg Triton Workstation keyboard
Tech Works backline in action at the Progscape progressive rock festival
B.B. King
Peter Rivera
Tech Works backline at a corporate event.
Backline, Audio and Lighting rental for Garrett T Capps playing at the Riva Grill at Lake Tahoe.
Backline Stratocaster and Fender Deville
Backline for Disney's All American College Band auditions
Backline for a Cab Calloway Orchestra concert
Smells Like Nirvana tribute band rocks out with Tech Works Backline at a concert at Greater Nevada Field in Reno
Sound, Lighting, Staging, Video Projection and Backline for a Fashion Show in Washington DC
Backline for the band "Pickin On The Dead" at a private event in Truckee, CA.
Ozomatli plays at Mammoth Lakes with Backline from Tech Works including DW drums, LP congas, LP Timbales, Surdo Drums, Nord Electro 6D Keyboard, Fender Hot Rod Deville and Aguilar DB751 and DB410 cabinet.Tech Works also supplied 5 wireless mics for vocals and wireless systems for the trumpet and saxophone.
View from the backline truck next to the stage at Schellraiser festival.

Other Tech Works Services