Tech Works is a fully licensed and insured company that follows all state and federal laws. We are also a government contractor, with current contracts with the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.

NAICS Industry Code 532210

SIC code 73590700

Gov Cage Code  7Z9T8

Federal Company Employer ID Number (EIN): 82-1452716

Dunn & Bradstreet  Number (DUNS): 08-071-6411

Nevada State Business License: NV20171297070 EXP 5/32/2019

Nevada Tax ID: 1036094642-001

Washoe County Business License: W000340A-LIC EXP 4/30/2019

Reno Business License: R141615A  EXP 4/30/2019

Sparks Business License: S080649A-LIC  EXP 4/30/2019

Insurance: Farmers Commercial Policy 1 Million 2 Million

We will gladly add you and your event to our insurance policy as additional insured.