Lighting plays an important role in production design, and Tech Works has the knowledge and equipment to make your event shine. Our experienced staff utilizes an extensive inventory of 30 different types of wash, spot, effect, string, belt and DJ lights to bring spaces to life.

Karen Briggs
Uplighting and Gobo for a Bat Mitzvah reception

Lighting not only illuminates performers and presenters, but can highlight items like architectural details enhancing the rest of the decor. We can also project custom images called Gobos on walls, floors or ceilings, which can be shapes, logos, or even the names of the bride and groom at a wedding.

Lighting on Stage

Tech Works can light up any sized stage with traditional cans, LEDs or intelligent moving lights – both moving mirror and moving head fixtures – as well as truss warmers, strobes and effect lighting for dances and performances. With a certified rigger in-house, we can fly the lighting system to certified fly points in the venue if available, or we can supply our own ground support lifts and trussing.

20x16 stage for First Friday festival in Las Vegas
Party PA and Lights
Special Events

Even just a few well-placed lighting elements can turn a bare room or stage into a vibrant, exciting space. With our LED Pars and Up Lights, each fixture is capable of producing virtually any color, giving our clients more options with fewer fixtures. Tech Works can supply both wired and wireless, battery-powered LED up lights.

String Lights

String Lights, also called Bistro or Cafe Lights, are a great way to light up an area while providing a warm, finished look. Tech Works offers a variety of bulbs for our string lights including antique looking bulbs and colors.


Tech Works also has experience providing lighting for television and video. We have worked with ESPN, USA, The Discovery Channel, Home Team Sports and various local TV station remote broadcasts.


Corporate Logo projected on a wall
uplights in a gym
Up lighting at a silent auction fundraiser
Sebastian Hair Products Tour
Truss with Lights at a trade show for the main stage
Stage Lighting for Art Garfunkle at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore
String Lights over the back patio at The Saint in Reno for a wedding.
A few uplights behind a band makes for a good- looking backdrop instead of a plain wall.
Stage Lighting, Uplighting and Gobo for their logo for a Seimens event.
Custom ceiling tile light supports provide a way to mount lighting in drop ceilings without the look of removed tiles.
Two-Color uplighting makes for an interesting backdrop for an expo stage. Tech Works also provided the staging, drapery, audio and stage lighting.
Gobo projected on a wall
Lights and truss flying in a casino ballroom for a corporate event.
Lighting for a Tom Jones concert.

Lighting Gear List

Wash Fixtures

Altman Q Lights, Colortran Multi-Broads, Altman Focusing Cycs, Altman 65Q Fresnels, ETC Source 4 Pars, PAR 46s, Par 56s, Par 64s, L&E Strip Lights

Spot Fixtures

ADJ Pin Spots, ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidals, ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Zooms

LED Fixtures

Fluotec Vega Fresnels, COB Wash Lights, Rasha Pin Spots

Chauvet Wireless Freedom Pars

Intelligent Moving Lights

Martin Mac 500 Profiles, Martin Mac 300 Wash Lights, High End Trackspots, ADJ LED Inno Pocket Spots

Effects Lights

Atomic Strobes, ADJ Snap Shot Strobes, ADJ BoomBox Effects, Moonflowers, Derbys

Misc Lighting

Lycian Midget Followspots, Stage and Runway Belt Lights, String Lights, Mirror Balls, Blacklights, Xmas lights

Consoles and Control

Baxter Pocket Console,  Chamsys Magic Q,  Elation Stage-Setter,  ETC SmartFade, NSI 1000, NSI 7008,  NSI 7532,  Zero 88 Fat Frog


Electrol Engineering Racks, Elation Packs


Other Tech Works Services