Special Events

Tech Works will make your Wedding, Birthday, Mitzvah, Quinceañera, anniversary or retirement celebration more memorable and less stressful. We supply Audio, Lighting, Staging, Backline, DJs, A/V and Drapery.

Uplighting and Gobo for a Bat Mitzvah reception
Event Lighting and Drape
Party PA and Lights

Up lighting can help transform a bland space into an inviting special event location. Tech Works can wash walls, floors or ceilings with colors and gobos that can enhance any space and set the party mood. Our drapery provides a finished look for any event, and gives our up lights a place to shine – even on black drape.

Speakers don’t need to be big and bulky to be effective. Our powerful column speakers are slim, and don’t block sightlines like traditional speaker cabinets. Tech Works can also help reinforce the theme of an event with our color sleeves and even our custom speaker stands can be painted to match the décor.

Samson Wireless Speaker

Tech Works can supply audio where there is no AC power by using our battery powered wireless speakers. These are perfect for presenters or background music for any event.


Our inventory includes battery powered LED lighting units for both stage and décor lighting for areas with no power.

Quiet Inverter Generators

Tech Works also offers generators including these ultra-quiet inverter generators that provide stable clean power for sensitive electronics like audio and video systems.

Renkus-Heinz IC Live system
Battery-Powered Speaker and Wireless Mic
Banquet table lights
String Lights outdoors
String Lights and Generator Power for a wedding
String Lights indoors
Sound, Lighting and staging for a band at a corporate event.
Small runway stage at a corporate fundraising event.
Runway stage with Screen

We work closely with you, the event planners and other vendors to make sure everything is perfect for your special event. Contact us for more information on event production.

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